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To DAJstudios

He makes the impressive using the popular Vcam AS2 I believe. I use it myself. It is easy to work with if you use it for a simple flash movie projects. But when you wish to create a scroll game with Vcam the coding gets Tricky.

You...You killed...

You killed Captain AND BlockHead???Whats wrong with you Luisy????I mean Luis?!?!But that was an awesome animation :P

Super!! Awesome!!PinatButter and Jelly Sanwiches!!

Heh the old coot just wanted to bang that prostitute slut ,but what that he get? An Evil Little man who should stay away from his dad`s closet....He even might find his dad Jack in there two =D

Well better then your other animation

I noticed that you other animation is a bit lame.. ,but then i saw that that animation is your very first one.So let me say this... That was a really great 1st animation! Mine is like yours (related to Akatsuki) Mine was an epic failed animation trying to animate my own series...Man was i DUMB! *I mean really!Trying to make my own series with typical newgrounder n00b skill and experience* But now soon i will make or finish an project and show newgrounds how much i`ve improved!
As for you ,you actually have improved yourself even a little.. The drawing and animation in your second animation are better then your first one!Congrats ^^

kelvind09 responds:

thanx ^_^

Really sick ,but funny

But next time lower the volume ok :)

Heh funny kyle funny

And BTW WTF has habenned to newgrounds i live it alone only for one mount and THIS habents??

Croire responds:

Who the fuck's Kyle? lol there's just me n' Dan in this one lol

Its Sad ,but verry good

This is a great flash.I truly love it!


So beautifully! So cool! So relaxing! So awesome! So creepy ,but pretty! Excellent animation Wood Tick! Very pretty animation! Nice work!

That was simlpe...

Very nice job!I`ll make sure i`ll check out more of your work :)


That was one of the best animations i`ve ever seen!You just forgot one little thing.When he gets in the broken shopping cart he flies out of the window right?Where did the cart go? Oh well who cares!This flash rocked!!!

Pixmintro responds:

Wow thanks, I did forget it but I was hoping it was assumed it slammed into the windowsill. :)

Im an 14 year old teen who is a young flasher that lives in smal country called Bulgaria

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