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Tankmen Time!!!

2009-01-20 15:25:37 by antoan3

It`s Tankmen Time!
This is my latest and probably the best idea i ever had.
I`m gonna make Tankmen series of my own.
NOTE: For all smart asses that are probably gonna ask:

- Hey DUDE what about copyright???
And i will be all like:
- Well DUDE i Asked Johnny Utah and he gave me permission!
- Ha what do you say to that Smart Ass??

And he will be something like:
- Um...
Oops i got a little crazy with this Post...
Anyways this is my new idea `Tankmen Time`
And i will be making some episodes and maybe games.
For a beginning i`m gonna make and submit an gallery.
There you mey find a little more about `Tankmen Time`
Sorry about the crapy name, but i can`t come up with a cool name.

P.S. If you have an idea or an objection write it here or PM me.

Tankmen Time!!!


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2009-01-21 11:51:33

Hope you guys will like it.


2009-01-27 11:16:11



2009-02-14 14:46:00

I fought we were gonna start with comics?

antoan3 responds:

Actually we are!I just forgot to mention it :)


2009-05-03 10:27:42

usted escupe en mis cabras
also all that underlined stuff makes my eyes bleed >.<


2009-05-06 16:35:12

hello, remember me the guy you were asking about spewer.

yeah just wanna say hello.